How to Choose the Right Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is the appearance of dimpled skin in the areas of the body that are prone to fat deposits such as the buttocks, legs, thighs and hips. The dimpled look of the skin is due primarily to the unevenness of the fatty tissue beneath the surface of the skin. As the fat deposits push to the connective tissue as the person gains weight, it changes the natural appearance of the skin.  Cellulite is not life threatening but it is not very nice to look at especially on people who likes to show their skin. It is more common on women than in men because of the way fat, muscle and connective tissue are distributed in the skin.

Cellulite is caused by the sudden change in a person’s body primarily related to his or her weight gain or loss. It can affect almost everyone. The cellulite’s visibility or occurrence can be related to heredity, gender, the distribution of the fat in the body and the thickness of the skin’s layer.

People seek treatment for cellulite because they are unsightly and would prefer smooth and flawless skin whenever possible. Cellulite can be treated in different ways, naturally or with the help of surgery. Here are some treatments that people follow to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Regular exercise and eating a balance diet

Many people consider this as the answer to all health woes. True enough, going to the gym or doing regular exercise doubled with healthy diet is the best way to lose weight and strengthen your muscles on the most cellulite-prone areas of your body. Having a toned body and keeping the weight consistent helps prevent the skin from having stretch marks.

  • Dietary supplements.

There are many products in the market that promise to dissolve fats and get rid of cellulite. They claim to speed up metabolism, improve blood circulation and repair damaged cells. They are usually packaged to contain all natural ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, fish oil, and bioflavonoids among countless others. One must be careful in taking these supplements since most of them have no approved or proven therapeutic claims. There are also no valid clinical studies that test the effectiveness of these supplements in cellulite treatment. It is much better to consult a doctor first before taking any medication. 

  • Lasers and radio-frequency.

Most people who prefer non-invasive surgery turn to lasers or radio-frequency system to minimize the appearance of cellulites. This system includes negative tissue massage combined with radio-frequency and infrared light to treat the dimpled skin. The combination of tissue massage and diode laser energy is most preferred by people who do not want to go through the surgical treatment of cellulite – liposuction. It would take several sessions with your dermatologist to finish the treatment but the result could last up to several months.

  • Liposuction 

For people who are more proactive in dealing with cellulite and deposited fat in general turn to liposuction to remove the fats in their problem areas. This is the most invasive form of cellulite treatment as doctors remove unwanted fats by inserting a narrow tube underneath your skin and sucks out the deposited fats. Although it helps your body regain its former shape, it does not guarantee to remove cellulite altogether and might even make it more pronounced. The non-invasive way of using laser and tissue massage is considered more effective.

There are other less-expensive cellulite treatments such as the use of topical creams or lotions. However, one must remember that cellulite is part of the growth process of the body and is not harmful. If you are seeking for treatment, consider both the advantages and the risks.

Stretch Marks Cream and Other Alternatives

Every woman dreads of having stretch marks. For some, this would mean a real life nightmare. These often make the woman feel uglier and decrease their self-esteem. These ugly lines make the women feel down and helpless to fight against them. Stretch marks are most commonly caused by pregnancy. These are often found in the areas of the breasts, abdomen, arms and hips. This is caused when the skin is stretched more than their limit. It weakens and loses its elasticity. It also affects the production of collagen making it lifeless. There are a lot of ways in getting rid of these stretch marks. Some employ expensive stretch marks cream as the only solution. However, there are still a lot of alternatives to this condition.

Here are some of the remedies in order to treat those horrible stretch lines.

  • Eating a healthy diet is a no fail strategy. One should be careful in eating a balanced diet especially those rich in Vitamins E and A and also Zinc. These helps in preventing the stretch marks. Vitamin C is also helpful in making sure that your skin glows and looks healthy. Hydrating the body through water therapy is also a must.
  • There are also a lot of lotions that you could use in order to get rid of those dreaded marks. These are specially formulated to make sure they counter stretch marks. Here are some examples of the most popular creams in the market.

Revitol Stretch Cream. This is an anti-stretch mark cream that helps in removing those marks. This is made up of Aloe Vera extracts, grapefruits seeds extract, Squalene Oil, Vitamin A and E. These helps in making the skin gain back its elasticity and the structure of collagen is regained.

Palmer’s stretch mark cream. This is also very popular in the market and known for removing those unwanted marks. This cream used a unique blend of organic ingredients such as Collagen, Elastin, Lavender Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Soybean Oil. These penetrated deeply in the skin that works intensely in repairing the damaged tissues.

Barmon stretch mark cream. This is also one of the most popular choices in getting rid of stretch marks. The formulation of this cream is made of 100% natural ingredients.

  • If you do not believe of these commercial creams or simply don’t have the budget in using them, you could always use your own home remedies. You can make your own formulation as treatment. Olive oil that is warmed and applied to the affected area can greatly decrease the visibility of stretch marks. Lavender Oil and Calendula are helpful in promoting proper blood circulation in the body. One could also use Castor oil and apply on the abdomen where the stretch marks are located.
  • If you are more aggressive in your treatment, then you could also put laser surgery in your options. You could also choose this alternative if all other remedies such as stretch marks creams seem to fail you. They would be employing a power laser to burn the affected skin removing the stretch marks. This also speeds up the natural process of healing. But it always advisable that you resort to laser treatment if you had tried all other non-invasive procedures that just seem to fail.


Advanced Solution For Wrinkles: Best Maintenance For Youth

When wrinkles formed, there are already permanent skin conditions wherein the collagen in the skin is weak. The skin has been dry which lost its elasticity causing these fine lines to appear. These are noticeable on the corners of the eyes, along the side of the mouth and forehead. As you get older, these lines become longer, become more pronounced and growing in number. When wrinkles have appeared, the usual moisturization and creams won’t erase them. With several advances in skin care, newer methods have been discovered making wrinkles go away which are comfortable to clients.

A Switch From Painful Procedures

Gone are the sayings that beauty comes with a price and with pain. Before, people who wanted to have faster effect of anti-wrinkle treatments undergo painful procedures. Almost everyone has heard of face lifts wherein the skin is tightened by getting rid of excess and saggy skin. Incision has to be made in the face. The skin is separated from the fat, stretched and sutured by the doctor. Healing takes places in a few weeks. When healed, you get instantly younger and firmer skin without folds. It’s an invasive surgery requiring anesthesia because of the pain. Another subtler method is botox injection. The toxin is injected into the muscle that freezes the contraction. The result is a flatter and smoother appearance of the skin and wrinkles are gone. The injection of needles makes the procedure painful. Now, procedures are modern that there’s no pain or incision made.

Advanced Treatments For Wrinkles.

1.       Laser Anti-wrinkle Therapy – Clients have the option to go for noninvasive and nonpainful procedure to achieve beauty. The availability of laser therapy is one safe way to flatten out those lines and make crow’s feet disappear. You don’t have to wait several weeks just inside your home and hide because of your swollen face. The laser machine works on the deeper part of the skin to stimulate collagen formation in tightening the skin. After a few sessions, your face would never tell the age you’re in.

2.       Micropeel Therapy – The ordinary peeling causes the external part of the skin to exfoliate including the lines and skin damage. This is done by applying chemicals that promote the peeling. Newer technology makes use of laser to allow micropeeling. The exfoliation of the outer skin layer is invisible, with minimal redness. This requires 3-4 sessions to reach the inner layer of the skin which will promote newer cells to form. The result is smoother skin without lines.

3.       Advance Anti-wrinkle Creams – Several big cosmetic companies have invested a lot in finding excellent topical solutions to defy aging. There are retinol applications that can diminish fine lines. There are available face lifting creams that are proven also to make the skin tighter. The decision to choose which product lies in your hands and wisdom to scrutinize each and find which would work for you.

The best treatment for wrinkles depends on the severity of wrinkles, your skin type and preference. When choosing the method, it’s best to discuss the options with your cosmetic doctor. One procedure may not work for you and would even bring more bad due to your condition. With the discovery of newer treatments, you have options to go for safer and less invasive treatments.

What I Need to Know Before Getting Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite has become known to us when people started paying attention to their bodies. When people became more health conscious, cellulite has been brought to light and was identified as a major problem area, especially for those who would want to look good and feel good in their bodies. Cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin on fat-prone areas such as thighs, buttocks, abdomen, hips and arms. These are fat deposits spread unevenly on the skin surface. Having cellulite does not put you at risk – unless you are obese, then that’s a different story – but it can be unsightly and unattractive especially to those who often wear shorts or swimsuits.

Identify Problem Area

Before heading to the doctor or considering cellulite treatment, you have to identify the problem areas of your body. Knowing where you’ll apply the treatment allows you to maximize the kind of treatment you are going to use and make sure that it is the appropriate one. You have to be careful when buying products that promise result. Do not fall on false advertisement by doing your own research on the product or treatment. If you are planning to go on a surgery such as liposuction, you have to make sure that the clinic and the doctors doing the procedure were licensed to operate and practice.

Kind of Treatment

There are many kinds of treatment for cellulite. One can go from spending nothing to spending thousands for surgeries. Cellulite treatment includes weight loss through healthy diet and exercise, usage of lasers and radio-frequency systems, liposuction and topical treatment. There are also alternative cellulite treatment such as vigorous massage, mesotherapy and cellulite creams; although the last three have not been proven to be effective in removing cellulite.

Why See a Doctor

Cellulite is not life threatening and in essence, it is not necessary to seek treatment because it is normal for our bodies to have cellulite. People want to get rid of their cellulites for many reasons but if you are also concerned about how your skin looks after undergoing a treatment, you must visit a dermatologist or in more advance cases, a plastic surgeon. Cellulite is more common in women than men because of fat is well-distributed in the thighs and buttocks. This could also be due to an inactive lifestyle or the use of hormonal contraceptives. If you are going to the doctor, it would help if you bring in your client file so that he or she would know the kind of tests you have undergone and willing to go through. 

The doctor can also advise you the best course of action, the treatment options and their positive and negative effects, the cost of the treatment and if it is covered by your medical insurance, the result you can expect and the kind of follow ups you have to make.

Before going under the knife, there are a lot of options you can try first such as working out and going on special diet; running a marathon to tone your legs and things, and so on. Do your research and be informed about the decision you have to make.

Get Rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Many pregnant women are not only worried about the outcome of their pregnancy but also of the possible permanent marks that they may leave. Most of them develop stretch marks that are very difficult to get rid of. They are usually stubborn to deal with. Most soon to be moms are not only worried with the welfare of their babies but also pregnancy stretch marks. Many may develop low self-esteem because of these marks. Stretch marks are caused by the damage of the skin layers. This is the result of overstretching of the skin way past its capacity. This is usually experienced by women who gain extreme weight over a short period time. Pregnancy is included in this category. The skin is stretched by the expanding baby beyond its limit.

When one is pregnant, they undergo a lot of change. These changes are physical, emotional and mental in forms. These could give one woman a lot of strain that could greatly affect their attitude towards a lot of things. They could feel helpless and defenceless against fighting these marks away. Seeing the change that pregnancy did to their body, may cause them embarrassment for many would still want to be in their usual clothes before pregnancy but could not anymore do it. There are a lot of treatment modalities available in the market that could be utilized to try to avoid these marks.

The American Pregnancy Association has said that about 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks. This is one common change that is expected with each pregnancy and is usually the most dreaded. There are a lot of available treatments that claim to reduce or prevent the appearance of stretch marks. These are creams or lotions that contain alpha hydroxyl acids and Vitamin E but up to this point, there is no solid evidence or medical studies to back this claim.

These creams or lotions are said to eliminate the visibility of stretch marks over time. They help to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin during pregnancy to make it more durable for the expanding baby. However, most experts disagree with this and claim that they do not actually help to reduce or prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. They only help in keeping the skin in the area of the abdomen to be moisturized and reduce the itchy feeling. What they found to be effective is not actually safe to use during pregnancy. Tretinoin cream used within six weeks after giving birth has shown that it can reduce the visibility of stretch marks. This is actually one product that is supported by experts but is not safe to use by pregnant women.

There are still a lot of other remedies that one could employ. The use of herbal products, home remedies or natural ingredients has worked for others. Just be sure that they are safe to be used by pregnant women. There are also still aggressive treatments that could be utilized by women if they are serious in getting rid of those pregnancy stretch marks. Laser treatments are very effective in reducing and eliminating those stretch marks. Although this may cost a lot but no one can argue the ego boost it can give back to a woman after giving birth.

Your Everyday Skin Care For Long-term Wrinkle Control

Everyday, your skin faces a lot of changes. Millions of skin cells die and get sloughed off by the wind or friction. Underneath those dead cells, growth of newer skin starts to form along with the repair process of the skin for damage. The skin is the larger part of the body and is the first barrier to environmental factors. It’s affected by the sun, pollution, dirt and air which cause damage and aging. These bring down to one skin problem which is wrinkle. Wrinkles are caused by the aging process of the skin, stimulated by external triggers and poor skin care. By practicing everyday skin care, you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and maintain the best state of your skin.

Daily Skin Care Routine

Here are tips you can apply everyday to care for your skin and achieve wrinkle control:

  • The climate in your place can determine the number of times you need to wash your face. For people in tropical areas, washing 2-3 times a day is recommended. During hot days, your face sweats, become sticky and gives you a feeling of discomfort. You can wash up to three times to get rid of the feeling. When days get cool, a maximum of twice a day is good. Wash upon waking up to refresh your face and before you sleep to get rid of dirt, dust, sweat and oils. In places with cold climate, washing once to twice a day is enough. Too much washing will definitely strip the oils causing dryness. Dry skin is prone to wrinkle formation.
  • Make sunscreen your everyday must-have. Whether you see sun or not, it’s a must to use sunscreen. UV rays of the sun are always present during the day even when the sun is not shining. These rays destroy the skin and are the main culprit of early aging and wrinkles. For longer hours outside, use higher SPF and reapply more often.
  • Quit smoking. A single stick of cigarette contains numerous toxins, free radicals and chemicals that hasten aging, thereby, producing wrinkles. It makes the skin dry, unhealthy to look at, rough and dull.
  • Watch out all the cosmetics and solutions you use in your face. Those that have drying effects can promote wrinkles. When your face is dry, always use moisturizers to make it elastic, hydrated and healthy. Stay away from harsh soaps. To be sure, stick to unscented, alcohol-free and mild facial cleansers that can cleanse without drying effect.
  • Sleep is an important part of skin care. When you lack sleep, your skin becomes puffy and unhealthy. Upon looking at a person, you’ll definitely know if a person was or wasn’t able to sleep last night. Be alcohol-free 2-3 hours prior sleeping since alcohol causes dehydration that makes the skin dry. Practice also sleeping at your back to avoid sagging and formation of lines.

These are just basic things that promote healthy skin but are often neglected by people. Reminders can make people remember the proper ways to maintain beauty of the skin and these can definitely control the appearance of wrinkles. These skin care tips aren’t difficult to do but will definitely mark your skin’s beauty through years to come.