Things to Know About Vape Liquid


Unlike ordinary cigarettes, vape liquid is not made from tobacco. E-cigs contain neither carcinogens nor tar. Instead, it uses a liquid solution from nicotine that is famously known as e-juice or e-liquid. Every brand of e-juice must contain at least three of the following four major ingredients.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG)

e-liquidVG and PG are the major diluents used in making e-juices. They differ in a number of ways; for instance, whereas VG is thick, PG is quite thin with extra fluidity. Hence, it is easily absorbed by the poly-fill fabric found in the cartomizer. Its low density makes it impossible for the growth of slime on its heating element, as is the case with most VG juices.

Apart from being tasteless, PG is odorless. Therefore, it does not alter with the flavor of your liquid. However, to ensure the varieties of vape liquids, manufacturers use VG. It is sweet and can be manipulated to generate many flavors. Interestingly, PG is stronger than VG. As a result, it can dry your throats and mouth unlike Vegetable glycerin.

If you are looking for ditch smoking, you should opt for PG; it enhances throat hit like typical cigarettes. Unfortunately, it causes allergic reactions to some smokers. Hence, you should consider shifting to VG if you experience strange symptoms like irritation. Note that VG’s high consistency gives rise to more vapor. Consequently, it has reduced throat hit and it is perfect for individuals who opt for something less intoxicating.

No one can judge the better e-liquid. However, manufacturers try to blend the two at times. When this happens, your vape liquid becomes a product of four rather than three components. Therefore, you will feel the throat hit along with thick vapor that most vapers look for.


This content in your liquid is measured in milligrams. Often, vendors use concentrations that range between 0-mg and 24-mg. Nonetheless, due to different preferences, you might end up with a liquid whose nicotine concentration is as high as 36-mg/ml. This in a way compares with typical cigarettes that contain 18-mg of nicotine. The 24-mg/ml is an option for extreme vapers while the low concentrations are designed for individuals with lower tolerances to nicotine.


Many people are loving vape liquid because of its diversity of flavors. With thousands of flavors, you are free to try and vape endlessly. Remember, you are also free to rely on the flavors that other people find most favorable.


It goes without question that this juice should be stored in a dry and cool place. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight; it is for this reason that vendors tend to package it in colored glass bottles. Even so, you should consider keeping it in a box when you are not using it in your vape mods. Then, you must not use liquid that is older than 2 years.

The Ideal Vape Liquid

An ideal vape liquid is limited to your preference; it must taste good and offer optimum vaping experience. It is therefore crucial for a brand to boast of its great taste. What is more, due to the expertise required in developing ideal liquids, you will want to go for pricey juices. Cheap juices are known for lousy tastes, which are not bad as their probability to contain harmful components like diacetyl and acetone.

Using Vape Liquid

Vape juice is the liquid in e-cigarettes. It replaces tobacco in ordinary cigarettes. Nonetheless, it does not involve combustion. Instead, the atomizer heats it delivering the feeling and sensation of smoking. You should treasure your liquid more than the e-cigarette. This is because low quality juices provide the worst smoking experiences even with the best cigars.